The studio was born in 1985 when Navneet Pareek, the second generation from the artist’s family decided to establish an atelier of his own where more artists could come together and work. It started with two other artists and himself, and the community grew with time.


The studio today has 21 artists in house and 15 working from their own workshop, creating bespoke art for every space. With the experience of over three decades, some artists started painting when they were 15 years old and have been painting since then.



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Every material that is used in the studio is made there itself by the artists themselves, Like rubbing natural colour stones against a hard stone in a big utensil with some water in it to make a paste which is later refined through a fine screen to get the most purified form of the paint to be used in the paintings.


The process of making everything at the workshop by the artists themselves gives them a sense of satisfaction and a feeling of pride to have created artwork from scratch where they were involved in the process of making everything.


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The art forms offered by the studio can be viewed in the gallery of the studio website.